FJYPB: Top Tips for Separating Parents.

FJYPB: Top Tips for Separating Parents.

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    • Step-parents applying for Child Arrangements Orders

      Step-parents who are married to the mother/father can also apply for CAO orders (even if they do not have Parental Responsibility) but they cannot apply for Specific Issue or Prohibited Steps Orders or apply to discharge the unmarried father's ...
    • Apps for Communication between Co-parents

      Sometimes communications can have broken down between co-parents and support is required to help produce a co-parenting environment that can function to deliver the best possible outcomes for children whilst mitigating and helping to de-escalate ...
    • Co-Parenting Success! Workshops

      The Co-parenting Programme is an early intervention, preventative measure to improve the lives of the children of separated parents and to reduce parental conflict in post-separation relationships.  Providing separated parents with the skills to ...
    • Parental Responsibility: Education

      Under the Education Act 1996, biological parents and those with parental responsibility are within their rights to receive the same information as the mother. There is also a Government leaflet (DfEE 0092/2000) entitled ‘The Schools, Parents and ...
    • FDAC - Family Drug and Alcohol Court

      The Family Drug and Alcohol Court [FDAC] is an alternative family court for care proceedings. It is specially designed to work with parents who struggle with drug and alcohol misuse. However, parents coming into FDAC will often have other ...

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