What is a Scott Schedule?

Scott Schedule: What is a Scott Schedule?

A Scott Schedule is a table of allegations, usually around Domestic Abuse or Welfare/Harm. The court will make an order for the alleging party to complete the first few columns of the table with information about their allegations and then for the other party to complete the next column with their response to the allegations. The format and information to be included should be directed by the court, in conjunction with Practice Direction 12J.

The Scott Schedule will normally contain the following columns:
  1. A number; so that the allegations can easily be referred to (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4);
  2. A date: The date that the alleged incident occurred;
  3. The Allegation: A brief sentence (More information can be given in a witness statement and through verbal evidence);
  4. Evidence reference: A document/page/paragraph number whereby a further statement or piece of evidence that informs the allegation can be located;
  5. Space for a response: Leave this column blank if you are the person preparing the Scott Schedule as it will be for the other party to fill in. The person writing the response will need to confirm whether they admit or deny the allegation and there should be space for them to provide a concise response;
  6. Evidence reference: A document/page/paragraph number whereby the person admitting or denying has a further statement or piece of evidence;
  7. Space for the Judge’s finding: This column should be left blank and is for the Judge to complete with their findings. 

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