Co-Parenting Success! Workshops

Co-Parenting Success! Workshops

The Co-parenting Programme is an early intervention, preventative measure to improve the lives of the children of separated parents and to reduce parental conflict in post-separation relationships. 

Providing separated parents with the skills to support & provide a positive, nurturing, mutually respectful, co-parenting environment within which their children can thrive at home, at play, and in education.

This is aimed at families that have recently separated or who have been separated for some time but are facing new triggers, such as new partners, a change in employment status, geographical change, health and mental wellbeing issues, and more.

It's a three-hour workshop for separating or separated parents to help understand the challenges of moving from an intimate relationship to a working relationship and strategies, tips, and practical tools to build a framework for successful, positive co-parenting.

Find out more and book a workshop place at
If attending online and you haven't received the link - please check your junk or spam folders. If you still can't find the email, please call the office on 01233 680150.

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